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What we can do and how Aiviro works

The best comparison is that Aiviro robot is like a temporary worker. It's an unskilled helper that you show what to do on the computer and it does it.

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Helping with routine computer work

Our robots automate daily recurring processes across various departments of different companies.

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Commonly assisting in the financial department

Commonly assisting in the financial department

  • Reducing manual data entry errors
  • Streamlining invoice processing
  • Enhancing financial reporting accuracy
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Improving regulatory compliance
Increasing efficiency of the HR department

Increasing efficiency of the HR department

  • Automating recruitment processes
  • Streamlining employee onboarding
  • Enhancing employee data management
  • Improving payroll processing
  • Automating benefits administration
Speeding up operations in manufacturing departments

Speeding up operations in manufacturing departments

  • Automating work order processing
  • Enhancing production scheduling
  • Improving inventory management
  • Streamlining quality control processes
  • Automating reporting and analysis
Anything Else

Anything Else

We are happy to tell you more and find a solution tailored for you.

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Main benefits of Aiviro robot

The Aiviro robot has certain advantages over a temporary worker. Not only does it work 24/7 and never gets tired, but it mainly brings you:

Time savings

Time savings

Save at least 30% of time and costs on office work thanks to automation

Higher performance

Higher performance

Your productivity will increase and employees work more effectively

Flexible solution

Flexible solution

Gain a universal tool with wide range of applications

Effective innovation

Effective innovation

Think about the future! Today you implement what will be a necessity tomorrow



Think about the future! Today you implement what will be a necessity tomorrow

The robot is reliable, won’t quit, can be easily cloned, doesn’t get sick, works day and night, on holidays and weekends. If it can’t handle something, it reports to a supervisor, nothing is concealed.

How is the deployment of Aiviro robot carried out in practice?

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    The first step involves a thorough analysis of the task at hand and the identification of the specific processes that the Aiviro robot could automate. This step is crucial for understanding the scope and the potential impact of the automation.

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    It's necessary to teach the Aiviro robot the given task. Initially, our integrators handle this, but over time, savvy customers can train the robot themselves. Often, even a less experienced user who has a perfect understanding of the company process can manage this.

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    Once integrated, the Aiviro robot begins processing the tasks it was trained for, bringing in efficiency and accuracy, and freeing up the human workforce for more strategic, creative tasks. This phase sees the practical application of the robot in the daily operations, and the realization of the benefits that were identified during the analysis phase.

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So what is Aiviro and can it really help us?

In short, the Aiviro robot is a neural network that can manipulate user interfaces just like a human. It can see and control not only Windows applications just like a human, but can also handle applications that cannot be automated otherwise.

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Our Competencies

The Aiviro robot can handle a large number of applications, technologies, protocols, and API interfaces.


It's possible to combine API access on one side and robot control on the other for applications that cannot be automated otherwise.

Intelligent OCR

Smart extraction of information from common documents, not just headers but also items. The robot can read both scanned documents and original digital documents.

Helios iNuvio and Nephrite

Complete control of all the capabilities of this ERP system.

Outlook, e-mail

Direct connection to email services like SMTP, Microsoft Exchange.

ChatGPT, OpenAI

It's possible to integrate these technologies into the Aiviro Robot.

Automation of all ERP Systems

Full list of controlled ERP systems
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