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Miroslav Buček

Nov 11, 2022 • 2 min read

It's amazing how much hard routine work I see in my environment. At work, at the office, at the doctor's office. Yet machines can help people. We have one such machine. It doesn't help with the hard work in the fields, tractors, harvesters and other machines have been helping there for a long time. We're talking about the hard and tedious routine on the computer.

To me, that's the obvious direction. A machine, or rather a robot that you can't see, does the routine work. It writes information into applications, creates orders, sorts mail. Anything that's repeated over and over again, he's an expert at. And our Aiviro Robot can already do that.

And because it's a clear trend with a clear goal, we're flying out of the ARTIN nest where Aiviro Robot was born and starting our own company, Aiviro. And since I'm lazy, there'll be three of us. 😊

Today is 11.11.2022 and I Miroslav Buček together with Filip Unzeitig and Róbert Kolcún are going to create a world without boring and routine work on the computer. A world where each of us can engage in creative and fun work. Where with the help of Aiviro Robots you can do significantly more work, without stress and in less time. Plus, you'll have plenty of free time for family, friends and hobbies. Join us!


And how did it all start?

In January 2017, Honza Najvárek, co-owner of ARTIN, had an idea. He saw a whole room of manual testers at a customer's place, clicking the same thing over and over again on their computers. "Machines could do that", thought Honza. So an internal project and development began at ARTIN, where different avenues were explored until gradually a direction was found that worked.

In June 2018, Pavel Hamernik joined the project and set the right technical direction and tamed neural networks. In February 2019, Róbert Kolcún came in and made order in the development. In October 2019, I, Miroslav Buček, joined the project and gave the nameless project the name Aiviro. And I started looking for a business and marketing direction and building a team of awesome people. In 2020, we got our first customers. The nameless project became the product Aiviro Robot.

In April 2021, Filip Unzeitig jumped on the bandwagon. He came to develop the business and also to tame my ideas. In September 2021 we managed to start cooperation with Asseco, the manufacturer of the largest Czech ERP system Helios.

It's November 2022. We've grown, our team is now 9 people strong. We have so many customers that we are able to operate independently. Our focus is completely different from the parent company ARTIN, which does not want to hinder us in further development and growth. Logically, the Aiviro project is separated and a new company with the same name Aiviro, s.r.o. is created.

Aiviro becomes a member of the ARTIN Group and ARTIN owns a stake in the new company.


By the way, do you know what the acronym Aiviro stands for?


Miroslav Buček
CEO Aiviro