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What Can Aiviro Robot Do and Will It Take Your Job?

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Miroslav Buček

Mar 04, 2021 • 3 min read

From Typewriter to Computer. The Digital Revolution Has Completely Changed Our Lives. Let’s fully harness the benefits of modern times with the help of artificial intelligence. All you need is a pile of well-organized data, and AI can learn anything – recognizing objects in photos, driving a car, or autonomously exploring Mars. Robots transport people to the International Space Station, automatic probes land on comets and return with samples.

So why do we spend so much time on routine office work?


What Can Our Robot Do?

Companies often use different systems and transfer data from one to another. Couldn’t a machine handle this task? Of course! Just change your mindset, and our Aiviro Robot will take care of routine tasks. If the task is clearly defined, the Robot can handle it without any problems.

Are you switching from one IT system to another or operating multiple systems side by side? Aiviro Robot keeps data clean and synchronized. You add an item to one system, and the Robot automatically updates it in the others. No complicated integration needed, just like showing a new employee what to do on a computer.

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Routine Computer Work Can Cause Many Errors and Make Your Workday Unpleasant

Aiviro Robot can not only perform simple tasks but also make decisions based on available data. It doesn’t rely on years of human experience but on precise and traceable information.

Many people ask if Aiviro Robot will take their jobs. Yes, it will – but only the tedious and boring ones. This leaves more time for meaningful work, thus increasing efficiency. Just as the steam engine freed people from heavy physical labor, Aiviro Robot will free your days from routine tasks.

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Easy Communication with Aiviro Robot

Do you need to learn programming to work with Aiviro Robot? Not at all. Simply record the routine task using Aiviro Recorder and send it to us. We’ll handle the rest. Communication with the Robot works just like with a remote colleague – via email or chat. The Robot will respond when it finds the necessary information or alerts you to an error.

Aiviro Robot – Your New Colleague

Having Aiviro Robot at work is like hiring a new employee. While it may not play table football with you, its contribution to your efficiency is undeniable.

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Miroslav Buček