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Can routine tasks be automated cheaply?

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Miroslav Buček

Feb 04, 2021 • 1 min read

When people think of robotic process automation (RPA), most customers envision time-consuming and expensive analysis, complex integration, and high operational costs. When we started with Aiviro, we were well aware of these issues and designed our solution from the ground up differently.


Why isn’t implementing RPA as easy as hiring an employee?

A costly developer has to customize RPA for each little-known application. We have one great assistant – artificial intelligence. We taught it to operate the user interface of all applications. If a human can operate it, our Aiviro Robot can too. And even if we encounter a truly exotic application, we only need a few screens. A temp annotates these screens (marks what the robot should see), and artificial intelligence then teaches itself, so it can easily handle the new application.


Easy task assignment for the robot

Assigning tasks to our Robot is simple. Forget about complicated analysis, documentation, and processes. Just record what happens on your screen using the Aiviro Recorder application. You don’t need to worry about privacy – it doesn’t see or record passwords, everything is secure. Aiviro Recorder then safely sends the recordings to us. Based on these recordings, we can cover 95% of the scenarios, fine-tuning and testing the rest in a real environment before deployment. This not only significantly reduces costs but also speeds up the entire deployment process.


Easy integration without complexity

And what about integration? No application installations, add-ons, or hiring IT departments. To run our Robot, you don’t need to install anything. Just grant us remote access to the computer (RDP) with VPN security. Our Robot can handle two-factor authentication. It’s as easy as hiring a new employee – give them a computer, access, and train them on what to do. But this “employee” will never get sick, will always be reliable, and will work from morning till night for less than minimum wage.


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Miroslav Buček