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8 Common Situations Where Aiviro Robot Saves Time and Money

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Miroslav Buček

May 17, 2021 • 4 min read

We often encounter questions about how exactly Aiviro Robot helps others. I have listed the eight most common situations where the Robot saves time and money for our customers. Discover how to use our technology to simplify your work and achieve great results.


Ensuring Consistent Data Across All Systems

Keeping data in order is a big issue. The problem arises when you have multiple systems within a company. Sometimes it’s simply not feasible to integrate everything into one system, or the integration would be too costly. For instance, one clinic has three systems! They register dozens of new clients daily and need to synchronize user accounts. Our Aiviro Robot ensures that data is consistent across all systems. The robot automatically transfers data from one system to another.


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Automatic Account Management for Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

I don’t know of any company that only needs to create one account when an employee joins and considers the job done. Our Robot can create user accounts in other systems based on the company’s ERP. For example, it creates an account in the attendance system or the entry gate application, where it also adds the vehicle license plate number.

Monitoring the Competition

You can monitor the competition by creating and canceling an order every day to find out the number of orders. Our Robot has learned to register with all top 10 e-shops using a single script. There is no need to have a separate script for each web application.

Data Mining from Various Sources

Do you need reports from diverse sources? For example, from public registers that don't have API interfaces or are too complicated to integrate? Do you need to extract data from scanned PDF files downloaded from the internet? Our Robot can handle all of that.


Controlling Legacy Systems and Applications

You surely know the feeling when everything important is housed under one roof of your ERP system. But what if you have various applications and systems that simply can't be integrated? These could be old systems that are no longer supported but still serve their purpose. Replacing them would be too challenging. However, Aiviro Robot can control these systems just like a human.


Effective Application Functionality Testing

Application testing is a big topic. We can even test applications that are not optimized for automated testing at all. The Robot can test them like a human, but much more cheaply, efficiently, and reliably. Additionally, the robot can be used for UX testing because if our Robot can’t navigate the application, it’s likely that a human won’t be able to either.


Secure Access to Sensitive Systems

There are systems that only the owner has access to and doesn't allow anyone else to access. How do we handle such a situation with the robot? It's simple. The owner logs into the problematic system and then launches the Robot, which performs the necessary tasks. In this case, the Robot doesn't have the access credentials at all.


Increasing Employee Satisfaction and Motivation

We often find that the financial return on implementing Aiviro Robot is not the main criterion. So what is more valuable than money? Employee satisfaction. Will an employee be happy if they have to fill in some data for a report twice a day? It only takes 5 minutes each time, but how does it affect the employee's motivation? We have found that eliminating routine tasks has a significant impact on employee motivation.


What’s the Magic of the Robot?

You might be thinking, this all sounds fantastic, but what's the catch? How is it possible to create such a versatile tool that also has low operating costs and very quick and inexpensive integration into your system?

The essence of it all is a neural network that we have trained to operate the user interface just like a human can. Then, it only needs to be “told” what to do and have a script written. If the customer doesn’t want to write scripts, we’ll do it for them. The customer doesn’t even need to explain the task in detail. Using our Aiviro recorder, you can record what you do on the screen and then send us the video. That’s it. Based on the video, we will create the script. You grant us access, for example, via VPN and Remote Desktop, and it’s done. Just like hiring an external worker who works from home.


Do you also want to save time and money in your company with the help of our Robots? Contact us today and find out how Aiviro Robot can help you achieve better results!


Miroslav Buček

CEO Aiviro