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Why Have Aiviro Robot in Your Team?

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Filip Unzeitig

Nov 01, 2022 • 1 min read

Imagine having an tireless and reliable colleague who never needs a break or vacation. That’s exactly the kind of colleague Aiviro Robot is. This intelligent assistant can handle routine computer tasks 24/7; whatever you teach it, it performs tirelessly and with maximum precision. It just won’t make you coffee.    


Aiviro Robot can be an indispensable helper in various departments:

Accounting: Prepares invoices and manages accounting records.

Sales Department: Prepares price quotes and processes orders.

HR: Assists with recruitment and employee administration.      


Its capabilities go further:

• Reads and replies to emails.

• Works with spreadsheets, databases, and files.

• Integrates with APIs.      


Aiviro Robot learns quickly and adapts. You can teach it not only everyday routine tasks but also more complex tasks requiring specialized knowledge and decision-making. With our help, any qualified person in your company can manage this.     


With Aiviro Robot, you get:

• Increased efficiency and productivity.

• Reduced error rates thanks to precise performance.

• More time for your employees to focus on creative and strategic tasks.     


Let Aiviro Robot become a part of your team and see how it can make your work easier. It’s simpler than you think!      


Contact us today – we’re eager to share more and craft a tailored solution just for you!


Filip Unzeitig

Head of Sales